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Friday Schedule

september 2

Final Regular Season Standings 

1st.  Lost Lakers     2nd.  Squad      3rd.  Stop Spiking my Shot      4th. Amazeballs 

5th.  Dirty Slappers    6th. Beastie Balls     7th.  Riverside Ragers    8th.  Unicornation


 9th.  Setsy Time   9th.  Courtney ...  

9th.  How I set your Mother    9th.  The Spikers  

Top 8 teams need to be at the courts for 530 to warm up, games begin 545.

Second round will introduce 9th place teams for play

Medals for 1st and 2nd.  Trophy for 1st.

Good luck to all!


WRAP UP PARTY open to all league players:

Tuesday September 6th at our venue:  

the Longhorn Saloon!!!  6pm party starts, awards at 7.  

DISNEY THEME!  Benefits for being in costume!  

Beer and food included!

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