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Division A and B 

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Division C Rules




1. Each team consists of a Team Captain and additional players, both male and female.


2. Team Captain responsibilities:  


  •  Ensure the minimum required participants are present for scheduled games

  • Check in with Division Leader upon arrival

  • Report match results to Division Leader after each round of play

  • Maintain fair-play and sportsmanship

  • Contact Division Leader at 5pm on game day if it's thunder/lightning is occuring. If play is called off because it would be unsafe, the captain then communicates this decision to the rest of the team

  • Report any injuries that occur immediately to Division Leader

  • Ensure the playing area is safe for play.




1. Volleyball is a team sport played by two teams on a playing court divided by a net. The ball is played by hitting it with hands, arms, feet and head.


2. A team is allowed to hit the ball three times to return it to the opponent’s court.


3. The rally continues until the ball touches the ground, goes out or a team fails to return it properly.




1. Rally-point scoring is used. A point is scored each rally. The team winning the rally is awarded the point and the serve.


2.  A team wins a Match by winning two sets.  Sets are played until one team scores 21 points or greater, winning by at least two points. If a third set is required, scoring is to 15.




1. The playing surface must be flat, horizontal and uniform.


2. The playing surface must not present a danger to the players.


3. The service zone is a 8m wide area behind the end line.




1. Players may substitute before a service when no play is in action. There must always be a player of each gender on the court during games.




1. The ball is in play as soon as the ball has been hit by the server. Waiting for the opposing team to be ready before serving is common courtesy.


2. The ball is “in” when it touches the ground inside the boundary lines including the boundary lines.


3. The ball is “out” when the part of the ball which contacts the ground is completely outside the boundary lines, also when the ball contacts the net outside of the antennae or hits the antenna itself.  The ball must pass between the antennae to be "in".




1. Faults committed result in loss of rally, point and service.


2. In a sequence of faults, the first fault committed is the ruling fault. 


3. Simultaneous faults result in a re-serve. 


4. Disputed faults result in a re-serve.


FOUR HITS: a team hits the ball four (4) times before returning it.


ASSISTED HIT: a player takes support from a player or any structure/object in order to reach the ball within the playing area.


HELD BALL: a player catches or throws a ball.


*the ball may be held momentarily by the fingers in defense of a hard driven ball *


DOUBLE CONTACT: a player hits the ball twice in succession or the ball touches parts of his/her body successively. 


*service reception and blocking allows multiple contacts when it is one action*




1. After the ball is tossed, a serve must be attempted. 


2. A served ball that touches the net and passes over the net is a good serve.


3. The serve may not be blocked or attacked.




1. When a block results in the ball staying on the defending team's side, the block counts as the first team hit. The team has two hits after the block to return the ball. The blocker is also allowed the second team hit, leaving one team hit available.  Male players may not block female players.




Significant contact with the net is a fault.  Minor contact that does not affect game play is allowed.


When the ball is driven into the net and causes it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed. 

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