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The elements of WOVA’s vision include:

1) sustaining the local league,

2) developing a tournament scene that draws people from all over to compete and,

3) creating a camp and clinic component that develops players and coaches, youth and adult, both local and visitors.


These elements are intended to excite and foster enthusiasm when people think about playing Beach Volleyball in Whistler.


WOVA’s goal is for the Beach Volleyball community to continue to thrive and introduce new people to the sport and our playground.

WOVA's Adult leauge is composed of 5 divisions with 12 teams in each division.  Weekly competitions run all summer.


There are three levels of play in the League:  A, B, C.


A:  Mixed Doubles.  Two players/team.  Competitive.

B:  Mixed 3's.  Five players/team.  Intermediate to strong.

C:  Mixed 4's.  Six players/team.   Relaxed, fun play.


Each team plays two matches per night against different teams and will play each team in their division over the course of the season. A match is best two of three sets.

WOVA pursues sponsorship for places in the village for the players to eat, drink and celebrate with each other.


WOVA provides first aid supplies for its players. General need here is low.

WOVA provides a BBQ, fire extinguisher and propane for the safe use of its players.


WOVA displays a banner while we operate to identify our group. WOVA plays music at the courts.


Fun theme nights are promoted a couple times each season to encourage creativity and team building.


Trophies and medals are awarded to the Champs. Dog Tags (“Top Gun” theme/cultural significance) are given to players of note.


Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player are identified and awarded.

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